Initial deposit

This deposit takes your land off the market to give you time to exchange contracts. An initial deposit of $1,000 is paid of which $500 is retained by Mirvac to cover administration costs. The remaining $500 is fully refundable should you decide not to proceed with the purchase.

Contracts issued

Contracts are issued by Mirvac solicitors to your chosen solicitor. If you would like solicitor or finance options please enquire with our sales staff. Exchange Contracts are exchanged within 10 business days of the date issued on payment of an agreed deposit amount.


Contracts are exchanged within 10 business days of the date issued on payment of an agreed deposit amount.


Your land is settled upon 20 business days from exchange of contracts or 10 business days after the registration of the land (as applicable).




A home is chosen from the Mirvac range of architect designed homes.

Indicative Siting/Tender

An indicative siting and initial tender is completed and presented.


$5,000 non-refundable deposit is paid to Mirvac to proceed with ‘pre-construction’ procedures. Thermal selection forms are completed and colour packs are provided.

Plans and Deposit Tender

Plans and a deposit tender are completed for your approval. You will be asked to confirm acceptance and approve by signing.

BASIX/Design Review Panel

BASIX and Design Review Panels assessments are completed.

Building Contract

Building contracts are presented and executed. Council or Principle Certifying Authority (PCA) Approvals. Plans are sent to Council and PCA for assessment and approval. 

Colour/Electrical Selection

A 2 hour appointment is arranged with a Mirvac Colour Consultant for your colour and electrical selections.

Secure Your Finances

You need to complete settlement on your home loan.

Final Consolidation

Once approval is received, the final building agreement, post contract variations and final consolidated documents are completed, presented and executed.


An authority to commence construction (ACC) letter, is required from the lender to commence construction.

Progress Payments

At certain stages during construction you will be required to pay progress payments. A schedule of payments is included in your building contract which should be provided to your bank.


To speak to a Sales Consultant to find out more, please call 9080 8786.

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